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Inspiring Future Talent (IFT) is an initiative co-funded in partnership by SECBE and SCF

Professionals from the Built Environment work with target age groups in education, to provide a range of meaningful engagements and activities which complement the national curriculum, (STEM/PSHE) informing educators to dispel the ‘myths’, inspiring our future talent and creating the desire for a career in the sector.

IFT is an initiative co-funded in partnership by SECBE (and public sector procurement advisor SCF (Southern Construction Framework)) with support from the county clubs of Constructing Excellence, an organisation which drives transformation and innovation in the sector.

‘As a trusted advisor on public sector procurement, SCF recognise our responsibility to improve the image of careers in the built environment. Through the ‘Inspiring Future Talent’ initiative, our aim is to inform young people of the breadth of rewarding work in the industry and inspire them to pursue these careers, delivering talented people to the industry’ - Alex Neall, SCF

'SECBE is proud to drive the development and delivery of the IFT programme to ensure partner companies better inspire the best future talent they need' - Derek Rees CEO SECBE

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Oxford Construction Networking Breakfast - 22nd May 2020
22 May 2020
Bill's, North Gate Hall, St Michael's St, Oxford OX1 2DU
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